Atomic Basis, Genesis of Light and Colour 

According to Niels Bohr, “All rays including light rays have their origin in the atom. To induce an atom to emit light, however, we first have to convey energy to it. How does one supply an atom with energy? Various possibilities offer themselves. One way, for example is to use heat, another method is to expose it to an electric field, or to bombard it with electrons, or, even to use light itself for this purpose.” 
The light emitted thus has values of color. Bohr remarked that the color of the light emitted can be easily worked out by means of a simple formula that was enunciated by Johann Jakob Balmer. Balmer was a physicist and mathematician and hailed from Basel, Switzerland. He found that there is a relationship between various wavelengths and the lines of light waves and this can be formulated. This formula enunciates the significance of vibrations of colors.

The above forms the basis of
Healing by Colour Therapy.