What is Aura?

Aura can be defined as the energy field that surrounds both animate as well as inanimate matter. To put it in a nutshell, aura will be certainly there in anything that has an atomic construction. We all know that an atom comprises of Electrons and Protons that are always moving. They discharge electric and magnetic vibrations. The vibrations emanating from animate matter, plants, trees, animals, human beings etc., are easily felt and experienced.

Human system operates on the principle of electromagnetism. If you touch a pen, through your fingers, electromagnetic vibrations are sent through the nervous system to the brain for interpretation. This constant internal flow and discharge of electromagnetic field is supplemented by an external energy field. This energy field encapsulates you from all directions in a 3-dimensional framework.

For some it will be for 6 to 7 feet around you and for others it may be 2 to 3 feet. Our epidermis is encapsulated with an energy field radiating within 3 to 4 inches.

This capsule or cocoon of energy field has

(1) A physical body

(2) An etheric body

(3) An emotional body, and,

(4) A mental body.

The emotional and mental bodies together are known as spiritual bodies. Nothing happens to the physical body until and unless something first happens to the etheric body. A protector! 

Colors and Aura: 

We know color is perceived from light. When we break light, we get different wavelengths and get different colors identified with a range of wavelengths. The Auric energy manifests itself in light and color. The degree of a persons physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health can be discerned by looking at the auric color, its location and its clarity. 
The color of aura changes frequently. A strong emotion, or a tiring mental or physical activity, can make the aura change its colors. Each individual has a specific predominant color, which always accompany an aura.

  • The colors closer to a persons physical body normally reflect physical condition. The outer layers of colors reflect mental, emotional and spiritual energies, which has a direct bearing on physical color.

  • Light, clear pastel colors (any color + good amount of white) are considered good.

  • Thick colors indicates over activity, physical imbalances etc

  • Dark bright colors is associated with excellent energy levels

  • Dark red indicates, over stimulation, imbalance or inflammation. Excitement, aggression and nervousness are associated with dark red

  • Some shades of Orange indicate pride, darker shades vanity and worry and can also indicate emotional imbalance.

  • Light Yellow Colour indicates enthusiasm, powerful ideas, and development in spiritual areas. Deep yellow indicates feeling of being deprived of recognition, excessively critical etc.

  • Green Colour indicates calmness, growth as well as sympathy, reliability, openness etc. Dark shades of green indicate a sense of possessiveness, jealousy, mistrust etc. 

Aura with its colors can be photographed by a photographic technique, known as Kirlian photography.