Effects of Colour in Colour Therapy

It has been scientifically established that each color in the color spectrum has got certain characteristics unique to it.

What are the characteristics and how it has a bearing on people, esp. when it comes to
color therapy, we shall see below: 

  • Violet: It helps you to mingle with the higher consciousness. It is also associated high spiritual thinking and aspirations. Productivity, prosperity and wealth generation are connected to this color. It helps you to achieve self actualization and exceptional creativity.
  • Indigo: It can generate destructive and creative impulses in a person. Since it is identified with the Third Eye Chakra, it stimulates the intuitive impulses. It is known to have very high spiritual vibes. Negatively, it can create mental fatigue and total stagnation in life.
  • Blue: Goes with tranquility. Coolness, inner peace and harmony, hope and calmness are associated with this. Helps you in introspection, as this is a reflective color. Devotion, dedication and truth is blue. Negatively, too much blue has depressing effects.
  • Green: It is considered a color of nature. It is a healing color. Any physical, mental or emotional disturbances can be overcome when the green vibrations are released. Negatively it can promote laziness, jealousy, greediness as well as selfish behavior.
  • Yellow: Left brain activities such as creative thinking and reasoning are stimulated by this color. Considered as a color of joyousness. Peace, rest and spiritual excellence are identified with the color yellow.
  • Orange: It is a revitalizing color. It is invigorating, nourishing and warm. Ambition and creativity are associated with this color. If you want to increase your self-confidence, courage, prestige and self-acceptance, this color will do. Negatively, too much orange is bound to create restless behavior.
  • Red: The colour Red is identified with energy and passion. Excitement, energy, power and vitality are known to be associated with color red. Since this color has the lowest wavelengths, it has a tendency to affect peoples emotions faster than any other color. It can be a source of inspirational strength, happiness, love and total joy.