Healing by Colour Therapy

We know color has been chosen by psychic healers, occultists, shamanists, nature cure therapists, chiropractors, homoeopaths, diagnosticians, dentists, holistic healers etc, besides others, as a means of curing ailments. Here we take a look at various techniques of Healing by Colour Therapy.
Healing by Colour Therapy: 
In this technologically and scientifically advanced age, color is used as a means of curing diseases, or used as a preventive medicine or antidote (a remedy which counteracts or neutralizes the action of a poison).
Color therapy proceeds systematically to find out:
(1)   which color has what effect on individual organs, parts, systems etc
(2)   which color has the desired effect on the symptoms of illness and
(3)   causative effects associated with a particular color and what bodily effects it produces 

In its simplest definition, radionics believes that every animate object has a particular level of energy, which it radiates. If the energies are at their optimum level, it is said that, that animate object’s etheric body is in balance.
There are 3 layers or bodies encapsulating an animate objects physical body.
Etheric or Emotional
Mental bodies.

Etheric body is an extension of physical bodys spiritual essence. It is established that nothing happens to the physical body of an animate object until it occurs to the etheric body. Every color of light vibrates at a range of wavelength. The appropriate colors vibrations affect the etheric body and energize it to function normally. 
Photochromo Therapy: 
It is a technique in which ultraviolet-radiation of a drug is applied so much so the drug becomes more effective in curing carcinogenic ailments. Clinical studies conducted reported favorable results. 
Color therapy on body system and organs: 
We list below colors identified and used with good effect on some of the important organs:

  • The Heart for Soothing: Indigo, Blue, and Violet. Apply recommended color light to chest, over heart, arms and feet. For blood and nerves stimulation: orange light exposure

  • The Brain for soothing nerves and blood: Blue, Violet and Indigo. Apply recommended colored light to scalp, neck, feet and face. It has a calming effect on brain

  • The Skin: Shine yellow light on the affected skin area

  • The Endocrine System: Use green lights on particular gland to bring them to comfort zone. If you want to activate, shine start with yellow light followed by blue

  • The Circulating System: To calm down use dark shade of green light on whole body. To stimulate: Bright red light to energize use grass green light

  • The Cerebro-Spinal System: Shine yellow and violet lights on the right side of the head

  • The Urinary System: Shine yellow light on groin, hips, feet, loins and lower back

  • The Respiratory System: Shine yellow and violet light on the middle of the breast bone

  • The Nervous System: To soothe the left-brain, shine violet color light. To energize use grass green color light

  • The Neck Area: Shine violet light

  • The Musculoskeletal System: Shine on the left side of a head, red color light

  • Sex organs (testes, uterus, ovaries and prostate gland) Shine yellow color light on these areas 

The duration of color light shining will be decided by the Therapist according to the severity of the ailment.