Luscher Color Test

The Luscher color test is based on a psychological premise. It was presented by Dr. Max Luscher, a psychologist from Switzerland. It is widely used nowadays, more particularly in screening applicants in business houses and industries. 

How is Luscher Color Test performed? 

There are eight colors
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gray, Black, Brown and Purple you are directed to select your first choice of color from the eight colours, then the second and then the third etc., till you rate the eighth color in a sequence.

* In other words you are expected to rate the colors in order of your preference.

The test is computerized and you have to click your choice of colors. Then the results will be flashed from which you can gain an insight into your feelings and mood etc.  

The test is built on rudiments of color psychology. Psychologists have established over the years the relationship between colors and human emotions. How reliable is it? Today a large number of business houses, industries, and colleges use Luscher test while screening people. It cannot be a cure, but can only be a useful accessory for psychologists and doctors to have an overview of potential issues that are strikingly apparent in a patients life.